Atsumi : Open source MVC PHP framework

Welcome to the atsumi PHP framework. Atsumi is an open source MVC framework for PHP. The word atsumi comes from the ancient japanese game 'Go'. Atsumi means to create thickness, strength and structure. The atsumi PHP framework is a robust PHP MVC framework to build your web application upon. Atsumi has been developed by Rocketware and various contributors, and is used at the core of all of our products & services. You can download the source code directly from our github project page. The framework is easy to get started with and soon you could be utilising the thickness of atsumi! If you want to get involved with the atsumi project we'd love to hear from you, send us a message via the github website.

Platform Features

MVC architecture

With Models for your data, controllers for the logic and views for astetic you can quickly create powerful structured web applications.

Fully object orientated

Everything in Atsumi is object orientated. It's well organised and structured so you can quickly extend and hook in to anything you require.

Lightweight & scalable

Used on numerous high-profile webistes recieving millions of hits per day. Can run on a distributed hosting enviroment working across tens of servers.

Doesn't get in your way

A framework shouldn't dictate the way you work. With Atsumi you don't have to learn a new development process.

Security conscious

Atsumi creates a secure enviroment for your application to operate in. Erradicates common PHP security issues, database injection and many other known vulnerabilities.

Database abstraction

With abstraction adators for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and more it's never been easier to work with your database.

Form & validation abstraction

Sophisticated forms can be a pain. Atsumi abstracts away the leg work making forms and validation a breeze. New elemnts are easy to add.

Cache abstraction

Use Memcache or APC? Atsumi has built in cache abstraction for lightening fast storage. New adaptors are quick and easy to write.

Advanced debugging

In development mode a debug plane is available on every page. This shows everything from view data, database queries and log notes.

Various view handlers

Use PHP views,OO class-based views or templating engines such as Smarty. You can even mix and set the view handler on a per page basis.

Join us on IRC

Come and hang out with us IRC. We chat about a range of geeky things in addition to PHP and Atsumi! You can find us in #atsumi on the freenode network.

Enterprise support

If you require consultaion, development or support for your project then feel free to get in touch with us. We have companies and freelance contractors that will be able to support your enterprise applications.